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Taking exams and getting coursework finished on time can be stressful. Get some tips on how to make sure it doesn't get you down


  • Don't burn the midnight oil trying to cram extra facts in. Get a good night's sleep. It will help you perform at your best. But don't go to bed three hours earlier than you normally would either. Sticking to a normal routine is probably best.
  • Eat something sensible. Don't go hungry.
  • Gather your supplies. Pen, paper, ruler, calculator etc.
  • Arrive early. Get comfortable. Breathe deeply.



  • Read the question properly. Read it several times. You'd be amazed how many people lose marks for not answering the question put.
  • Plan your time. If the test includes different types of questions, begin with the type you do best on. If you have three essay questions in two hours, don't spend more than 40 minutes each on your first two questions - you can always come back to them later.
  • When you get stuck, move on. If time is left over at the end, return to the parts you missed.
  • Check your work. Read it through at the end. It's easy to make spelling errors and get things wrong when you're under pressure.
  • Answer every question asked of you, even if you think you don't know the answer. A partial answer might pick up a few points.



  • Avoid going over it all with your friends. You'll just worry about things you wrote or wished you hadn't written.
  • Treat yourself to your favourite meal for tea, or watch a great film - you deserve a reward.